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Recycling-artist Katia Gitkow, of ADA-JITO, jewelry, has developed a new concept in ecological jewelry using recycled buttons. In the same movement, she discovered a way to awaken people to the beauty of revalorization and restoration through art.
Inspired by the button’s roundness, ADA-JITO gives form and movement to her creations. Consequently, she created a choreography of buttons.


ADA-JITO jewelry allows you to express your eco-consciousness

ADA-JITO Paris-Montréal, 1934-1998

First a fashion designer in Paris, then in Montreal, my grand-mother, a lithuanian, married to a russian with a difficult name to pronounce – Wanda Gitkow – created her own signature : ADA-JITO, derived from Wanda (ADA) and Gitkow (JITO).

ADA-JITO Montréal

As an eco-designer, I inherited a passion for creation early on in my youth from my grandmother’s creative energy. I recovered/recycled her buttons to create my first jewels. That is why I have decided to also take on her unique signature which continues to remind me of my grand-mother and her creative energy. It’s a tribute to a marvelous women who has always been curious and exuberant.